The M.I.R.C. campus is located at the highest place of Metsovo, at a distance of about 500m from the central entrance of the town and at an altitude of 1,250m.

The construction of M.I.R.C.'s building facilities was realized under the process of an architectural competition held by the National Technical University of Athens. The first prize winner was the architect S. Karakosta and her collaborators, who then realized the final architectural designs of the building facilities. The funding of the project was made through the 3rd ECF (European Social Fund) from the Epirus Periphery.

Three buildings serve the needs of M.I.R.C. They are built around an inner yard and they are surrounded by green spaces.

The main building includes:

  • A course room
  • Two laboratories with PCs (pc labs) with 30 work-places in total
  • A multi-use venue (events, exhibitions, etc.)
  • A large conference hall
  • Office rooms for professors and researchers
  • Library room
  • Reception-secretariat room

In addition, in the main building there is another laboratory room that includes equipment for measuring environmental properties as well as a control panel of a demonstrative RES installation that has been placed in the outer, surrounding space of the building. The RES installation includes a small wind turbine and a photovoltaic panel along with a set of batteries. It powers some small energy requirements of the building.

The second building consists of a canteen room and a living-room / restaurant where there is also a kitchen. These rooms are at the disposal of the students of the MSc Programme and they are also used in service of the various events taking place in the M.I.R.C.

The third building is the dormitory-building that includes:

  • 11 rooms where the students are hosted
  • 4 rooms where the teaching staff and the invited speakers are hosted
  • A full-equipped kitchen
  • Laundry rooms and storage rooms

All of the dormitory rooms have private bathroom.

The building facilities of the M.I.R.C. are modern and of high quality construction. They are in accordance with the local vernacular architectural morphology, of Metsovo, and their aesthetic quality represents a reference point for the town of Metsovo, as well as for the National Technical University of Athens.