Welfare Development Foundation

The Welfare Development Foundation of the Metsovion Interdisciplinary Research Center (M.I.R.C.) is a Private Law Legal Entity, the establishment of which and its regulation were approved by the Presidential Decree that was published in the Greek Government Gazette ΝΟ 559/ 15-5-2001.

The Foundation befalls under the supervision and the command of the Ministers of Economics, Education, and Culture. It was founded by Themistoklis Xanthopoulos (the then Professor and Rector of the NTUA), Dimitris Rokos (Professor and Scientific and Administrative Responsible of the M.I.R.C.), Ilias Zouvias (Lawyer and then President of the Association of the people of Metsovo in Athens) and Apostolos Bissas (Doctor and now President of the Municipal Council of the aforementioned Association). The Headquarters of the Foundation are located in Athens, at the Historical Buildings of Patission street of the National Technical University of Athens.

Aim and Activities of the Foundation

The aim of the Foundation is the constant, systematic and integrated support of the operation and development of M.I.R.C. in Metsovo and the creative cooperation with it, for the achievement of its aims.

In this context, some of the more specific aims of the Foundation are:

  • The financial support of the operation of M.I.R.C. and of its scientific, educational and research initiatives.
  • The undertaking and conduct of interdisciplinary research studies in the domains of Development and Environment and its cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Programmes of the NTUA “Environment and Development” and “Geoinformatics”.
  • The promotion and support of initiatives and cooperation of M.I.R.C. in all levels, with the NTUA, other Higher (University) Level Education Institutions, the Municipality of Metsovo, the Epirus Region, other local authorities and the scientific, social and cultural bodies of the country.
  • The participation in relevant national, European and international scientific networks.
  • The documentation, elevation and showcasing of the contribution of benefactors from Epirus, scholars, philosophers, scientists, university teachers etc. for the integrated development of Greece.
  • The underpinning of M.I.R.C. for the organization of interdisciplinary conferences, symposia, workshops and lectures.
  • The realization and support of special scientific editions of M.I.R.C.

The Welfare Development Foundation of M.I.R.C. announces and bestows awards for the best undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate thesis, in the domain of the protection and integrated development of the Protection and Development of Mountainous Environment and Local European Cultures on a regular basis.